#15 and #24

It’s been a while since we have blogged.  It’s not because we haven’t been thinking or working on our list but more because life happens and the kids are running us ragged.  Kelly and I both had kids involved in high school sports in the fall, I had surgery to remove melanoma from my leg which put all hiking on hold, and before you know it its February and I haven’t blogged in 6 months.

Kelly and Dana went with their families to Florida in January to run the Disney Marathon.  This was something on her 40th-year bucket list that I was happy to miss.   I was sad I did not get to see Mickey but completely fine missing out on the marathon experience.

These last few weeks have been rough so we decided to take some time for ourselves and get back to our list.  We left St. Mary’s about 2 hours behind schedule on Friday (2/15) because I got the dreaded call at 7:45 in the morning, “Mom, I was in an accident.”  The boy was on his way to school and rear-ended another kid.  After getting that all straight, and needing a weekend away more than ever, we loaded up the car and headed to Westmoreland County, Virginia for a little getaway.  My family has a farm over here and the peace and quiet was something we were both craving.

On our way down the road, after stopping at the ATM, getting gas twice, and grabbing snacks, we stopped at Ingleside Winery.  Neither of us is much of a wine connoisseur, we are county girls we drink it, we don’t analyze it.  So when we walked into the tasting room, we were very upfront about our lack of knowledge on the subject.  I told the sommelier (fancy word for wine lady) that we like white and semi-sweet.  She did the rest of the work, explaining to us the nuances of all the different wines we tasted.  I will say she did not steer us wrong and only had us try one wine that I did not finish. The winery itself is located in Westmoreland Virginia in what is called the Northern Neck.  It’s charming and you take a nice drive through the vineyards before arriving at the visitor’s center and tasting room.  They have a nice open courtyard with fire pits and tables and chairs, a fountain, and garden lights strung from beautiful old trees.  I learned a few things.  For one, I don’t like Chardonnay because of the oaky taste.  We tried a chardonnay from a steel cask and I did find that more suitable to my palette.  I also learned about residual sugars and if the wine has residual sugars it may be good to pair with a spicy dish because the hint of sweet may cut the spice (please read this dripping with sarcasm, the way I intended it, I through around these words all weekend because it sounded like I knew what I was talking about).  Kelly and I each purchased three bottles to take home and enjoyed a glass of our favorite wine in the courtyard before continuing on our trip to the farm.  We made a couple more stops at boutiques, to grab some barbeque at NNK BBQ, and one stop at the grocery store before arriving at the farm, wrestling with the gate and opening up camp.  Bobby and Melinda arrived around 6:30 Friday night to Kelly and I drinking wine, rocking out to 90’s grunge music and putting together a puzzle (because when we get away for the weekend we really party hard).

Saturday morning we got up early and made breakfast and had our coffee and Bobby and Melinda played tour guide and took us into the town of Kilmarnock. We went to Kilmarnock Antique Gallery and explored for almost 2 hours.  There were some really neat furniture pieces and paintings but after all that time the only thing purchased was a brass hearth cricket by Melinda.  There was a George Washington bust and an Andrew Jackson picture, as well as a RCA radio and a couple typewriters I would love to have but I always worry that because I do not know enough about antiques I will be an easy target to rip-off.  After sauntering through the antiques we went to lunch at NN Burger, voted Virginia’s best burger, and it did not disappoint.  Kelly and I split a Top Notch Burger on a gluten-free bun, twisted potato chips with bacon, white cheddar, and sour cream and a peanut butter cup milkshake.  Then we wandered over to a gourmet popcorn store, Northern Neck Popcorn (try the salted dark chocolate caramel, OMG), and bought some treats to take home to the kids.

We headed back to the farm to check on the crock pot, with the intent to head to a winery across the street, but once we got back and had a few minutes in the house, we opted for naps and a glass of wine instead.  The rest of last night and this morning have been very relaxing as we prepare to pack up and head back to reality where I have 2 projects for grad school to work on before class on Tuesday night.

Until next time!


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